Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The LEGO has been barred!

I was fed up with Thomas and his Lego the other day so I packed it all up (including the Lego table and chairs) and moved it to my room. He is not allowed to play with it for one week!

Monday, January 17, 2011

It has been a while.... AN OLD POST I NEVER PUBLISHED...

I have stopped blogging.... for no other reason than the fact that my blog tends to be a little boring!

But here goes some more boring stuff......

I finally had my ENT appointment today. The surgeon talked about how it sounded like I must have caught a nasty bug some time back and he didn't think he would be acting on it and then..... he looked at my tonsils.... and commented on how extremely large they are. He said they were almost touching. And then he shoved a camera down my throat and nose.... NOW I KNOW HOW TOM MUST HAVE FELT ALL THOSE TIMES WITH THE FEEDING TUBE - IT IS JUST NOT A NATURAL FEELING.

Good news - no surgery for now.
Bad news - there is no bad news really.

Weight loss would help but I will get there!

Thomas - the karaoke (sp?) star. We had my work's Christmas party on Saturday and it featured a juke-box / karaoke machine. Thomas could not resist the microphone and kept 'pretending' to sing in it. Finally, at the conclusion of a pass-the-parcel game (for grown-ups), he took the microphone which was turned on and started to sing. Every now and then he would stop and 'command' a round of applause by clapping.

I love him soooooooo much.

He was just so adorable.


This is driving me up the wall. Not the actual product BUT Thomas's inability to clean up after himself. He is cunning when it comes to getting out of cleaning up the LEGo:
* "I'll do it after dinner!"
* "I'm hungry!"
* "I'm tired!"
* "I'll do it in the morning..."

Yo get my point. So today, after asking him too many times and then demanding he clean it up, to which he responded " (Take your pick from above) " , I slowly picked up every single piece and placed the bag in MY room. His table that Santa brought him is still in the loungeroom BUT he is not allowed to touch any of his LEGO. He is bored - or so he says. He is in a creative mood at the moment and likes to create toys based on pictures. Playing with excavators and aeroplanes is not enough - he has to make them now.

The war, as Mick predicted, is on!

This is Thomas on his 2nd birthday... not long now until he turns the BIG 6!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

More photos....

I have the bug! The sharing photo bug and given Blogger makes it easier to upload I thought I should do so!

I got into a competition on Facebook a long time ago and entered this photo of Thomas. I think he placed third or so.... actually, many of the photos of him placed in positions or were given highly commended etc - not that you would be surprised - he oozes gorgeousness!!!

Who am I?

I used to know the answer to that question. But for the last couple of days I seem to have realised I don't know anymore. I think I have had way too much time by myself. Time that I should be (and am) grateful for but I have found it hard too. That doesn't make sense! Does it? I should be happy - Thomas is at his grandparents' house and has been since last Friday. Mick is in Bathurst and has been since Sunday. Me? I've been at home doing nothing. Even a trip to Ikea on Sunday with Mum and then Officeworks on Tuesday did nothing for me.....

This is a picture of Thomas in 2009...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The countdown begins...

Thomas will begin Kindergarten on Friday 4th February. Before that day, he is scheduled to have his Best Start Assessment on Wednesday 2nd February - his birthday and he will turn 6 years old!

Friday, October 3, 2008

How about?

Thomas has the funniest saying at the moment! He often says, "How about..." when he is thinking about doing something different. For example, if we are singing nursery rhymes and he wants to change it he will say, "How about... Mary had a little lamb?" He has just extended the phrase and context to "How about that!" when he is excited about something. For example, we played in a tub of water today and when I told him we could go back and play some more he said, "How about that!" I don't have any photos of it BUT here is one photo of him this time last year playing in a bucket of water..... (thanks to Bec).

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Little Man Is All Grown Up

I have not posted for so long. I often look at so many other blogs and get disappointed when they are not updated. I fail to realise I am doing the same, or lack thereof, with mine.

My little man is so grown up now! Some of the significant changes/developments are:

1. No nappies, no pull-ups AND just UNDIES! He has been doing the no nappy thing since February but the night time pull-ups were used just in case. Not now. He had been showing for some weeks he didn't need them and we ran out so we have said goodbye to them altogether.

2. He can say his ABCs! Which brings out the teacher in his mum because I often make sure he doesn't run 'l,m,n,o,p' as one sound!

3. He can count and usually has the correct sequence. He is also matching his fingers to the number he says (most times). We need to work on starting from one. I know 1:1 matching would not be expected yet BUT I just want to help him as much as I can.

4. He's FINALLY riding his bike. I probably should not say finally as that would imply that he has been given plenty of opportunity to master the skill and this is not so. The warmer weather has seen us get outside more!

5. He gets his own breakfast! And by golly, if you do anything for him he will chuck a sooky-bubba-la-la!

6. He is attending speech sessions weekly now. This is in addition to his early intervention at the Shepherd Centre. He often tells me, "Mum, I have to do my homework!"

7. He can say quite complex words such as: excavator, catalogue and exercises!

8. He can identify new and old cars, especially now that his Aunty Nat has a 'new racing car'! Apparently mum's old car is not good enough anymore.

9. He can be reasoned with. But then I have always been able to do this. Yesterday is a classic example. He wanted to go on a ride at the shops and I said no. He chucked a tantrum and I told him the answer was still no and that if he kept on sooking it would be no for a month which is a really long time! Needless to say, he stopped. I guess he will enjoy the privilege next time!

10. He has a wallet. He keeps his money in there for rides and things. He understands that things have to be paid for. Well I think he is beginning to anyway!

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Enough said! I have been looking over old photos of Thomas. My goodness, he has changed!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Rebecca's Photography

These are just some of the photos Bec took of Thomas ages ago. I think, and have said this many times, she is an incredibly talented photographer. She takes photos that I always say, "Oh, wow!" to. And these are no exception.

In the Wars Today

My goodness. Where do I start?

Tom had an accident today and would you believe it was the same thumb that he has had operated on.

He was out in the patio area playing with Mick's golf buggy. Harmless. So I thought. He is absolutely fascinated and somewhat obsessed with wheels. Has to check them out and make sure they move okay. Did this all day yesterday when we were shopping with Nicole. I got the most unusual looks from mothers who owned the prams Tom decided to inspect.

Anyway - side-tracking over. I heard a cry from the patio area and rushed out to find him standing there amongst the buggy parts crying and holding his right hand out to the side. I immediately took him to the sink and ran water over it. Why? I don't know. I guess if he stopped crying and was distracted by the water it would be okay. No. He kept crying - but not too loudly. I took him into his bedroom to change the smelly nappy but even that did not distract him.

I looked closely at the nail which is all dirty now. I thought he had done damage to it and all I could think of was ending up in the emergency department and him needing another operation.

Mick came home after my distressed phone call and managed to occupy Tom, who had at this time stopped crying.

I rang our GP and they told me he was booked out for today and tomorrow. When I was leaving my phone number in case of a cancellation, the receptionist asked what happened. When I mentioned Tom had jammed his finger,the one that had been operated on, she told me to bring him in and she would squeeze him in.

Tom and I sat in the waiting room and he kept saying, "Doctor." The doctor said it just looked like he had damaged some soft tissue but to monitor it. Tom moved his finger quite well for the doctor.

When we came home he ran into the cupboard and hit his head.

We were supposed to go to the Shepherd Centre today - but won't be.

I wonder what else is in store for Thomas when he wakes up????

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

We have started!

Thomas did a wee in the potty this morning - first thing! I wonder if we will both have the patience to continue.

Sunday, September 30, 2007


I got one of these today.... be very aware and remember that PayPal (and other financial institutions) wouldn't ask for your bank details in an email or a link from an email!!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007


I am thinking that these pictures may just do all the talking here!